Control-Z Assists University in Implementing Long-Term Plan with Messaging System Upgrade.

Users: ~7000
Industry: Education

"Control-Z and our IT staff provided constant and clear communication and met each deadline. The entire university user community responded positively to the smooth upgrade"

Peter Williams, Chief Information Officer, Marian University

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Expert IT Resources You Can Count On.

Even the best-staffed IT departments struggle with the 80/20 maintenance/innovation spending trap. With 80% of resources devoted to maintaining existing systems, it is not uncommon for IT departments to find themselves with a back-log of projects.

Server refreshes, OS upgrades, virtual server sprawl, mobile device management, VDI, application streaming, BC-DR processes, data storage, document management, security, cloud imperative, mobile workforce computing and regulatory compliance are all examples of projects that IT departments need to complete according to their priority levels.

A project's priority level can jump from low to high, or even urgent, in a very short time. Working with Control-Z means you won't have to choose between urgent and important IT projects. Whether you are performing a deployment, migration or upgrade, our globally-recognized team of experts will ensure that your projects are executed smoothly, on schedule and within budget.

Why Choose Control-Z to Assist With Your Project?

  • Execute your project faster and smoother by tapping into our depth of knowledge, breadth of experience and pool of world-class talents.
  • Optimize the skills of your existing team with the activation of targeted expert assistance when you need it most.
  • Avoid budget overruns that are often caused by "shooting in the dark" when implementing new initiatives.
  • Free up resources for projects more relevant to your company's core competencies.
  • Save money by avoiding staff training that adds little to no long-term value.

The Control-Z Pledge.

For every project you entrust into the hands of Control-Z, we pledge that you will receive:

  • Meticulous Documentation and Generous Transfer of Knowledge
    We will ensure that your team is equipped with all the information it needs to provide continued support after we complete your project. We will disclose details pertaining to all settings and configurations as well as supply diagrams and drawings that your team can reference in the future.

  • Amiable, Technically Tenacious Team Members
    Our experts understand the need to develop positive relationships with your team members to ensure smooth project execution. When faced with technical roadblocks, we go above and beyond to find solutions. We also maintain positive relationships with our vendor partners. When you need support for their products, we tap into those relationships to get your request prioritized and addressed as quickly as possible

  • Vendor-Agnostic Solutions
    While we value the relationships we have with our vendor partners, our loyalty to our customers comes first. We do not and will not recommend a solution for the sole purpose of pushing a vendor's agenda. Any solutions we propose will be a result of unbiased research, product knowledge, market reputation and our own experiences.

  • Exceptional Attention
    Every project will entertain our utmost attention, which we fully believe it deserves. You will receive timely updates and our project management processes will ensure that your project is delivered on time and within budget.

  • Access to Project Financing
    Easily fulfill IT demands today while you enjoy the flexibility of spreading payments over time through leasing or financing options.