Control-Z LLC,, formerly Conqar Solutions LLC, was founded in 2005 to help small businesses in Indianapolis leverage the power of the World Wide Web to enhance their competitive advantage. We started as a web-application development firm with the sole purpose of using open source technologies to deliver robust, enterprise-grade web applications to small business owners.

Staying true to our mission, we focused on technology-based growth initiatives for our clients. As their businesses blossomed, their technological needs expanded. With this increasing demand in IT consumption, Conqar Solutions transitioned into Control-Z Information Technology. This evolution was necessary, as we had to expand our service offerings to meet the rising demands of our clients.

Control-Z Today

Control-Z IT utilizes best-in-class IT service and support to enhance productivity, reduce administrative overhead and increase share-holder value. As certified resellers and integration specialists for industry leaders, such as Cisco, Dell, Hitachi, HP, Microsoft and VMWare, the members of the Control-Z team help IT departments obtain the highest value on their purchases while providing solutions to complex integration projects.

For small to medium-sized businesses, we deliver the same enterprise-grade IT support and services that Fortune-500 corporations enjoy at affordable rates. We take great pride in helping our SMB clients shoulder the burden of managing their technological needs while empowering them to focus more on growing their businesses. As a result, several of our clients have been recognized as some of the fastest growing organizations in their industries!

For larger organizations, we are able to assist with IT projects without shifting the focus of internal IT departments from on-going, in-house responsibilities. Such organizations call upon the expertise of our IT specialists to minimize risk associated with new technological initiatives. Furthermore, they reduce costs associated with training their IT staff members.

Certifications, Awards and Recognitions

Recently, Control-Z was recognized globally by Microsoft for the smooth implementation of an extremely complex migration project (http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/Microsoft-Exchange-Server-2010/Marian-University/University-Implements-Long-Term-Plan-with-Messaging-System-Upgrade/4000010876). Additionally, Control-Z's CEO, Walle Mafolasire, was named one of Indiana's Top 10 Best and Brightest in Technology.

To signify the outstanding work performed by the Control-Z team, Microsoft, IBM, VMWare, Sage, Hitachi, Cisco, HP and Salesforce.com have all certified or registered Control-Z as business partners.

In The Community

Control-Z subscribes to a set of core values that promotes service within our community. Control-Z's founder and CEO, Walle Mafolasire, a Nigerian-born immigrant, is a firm believer in giving back to the society that has welcomed him with open arms. You can find our team members at:

  • The Rotary Club, helping with the mission to end polio
  • The Center for Leadership Development, educating inner-city adolescent males in key attitudinal and behavioral traits
  • Crossroads Bible College, using technology to help train future Christian leaders
  • Trinity Free Clinic, volunteering as medical assistants and helping with administrative tasks
  • Jubilee Community Health Center, using technology to enhance health administration
  • Nigerians In Diaspora (NIDO), Indiana Chapter, helping new immigrants get settled and acclimitized to life in the US.

We welcome the opportunity to contribute our expertise and resources to help service-based organizations. If you think your organization could use our assistance, please contact us here.