• Six Sigma Trained Consultants
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
  • Agile, IBM-Driven Software Engineering Processes
  • Proven Quality-Gates Project Management Methodology

Infrastructure Assessment

How well does your I.T. Infrastructure assist or hinder accomplishing corporate goals? Control-Z's professional and expert infrastructure assessment provides you a performance report for your I.T. infrastructure; thereby arming you with enough information to appropriately plan your I.T. budgets.

The assessment:

  • includes a comprehensive and thorough review of your technology systems and computing environment;
  • appraises how technology helps or hinders your organization's core business objectives;
  • recommends how to use technology to meet business goals and objectives;
  • The result is a written evaluation and recommendation.

The assessment consists of two components:

Business Component:

  • Analysis of specific Corporate Goals/Objective
  • Assessment of On-going and Planned I.T. Projects
  • Assessment of I.T. Service Contracts and Operating Budgets
  • Assessment of Capital Budgets and I.T. Service Contracts
  • Regulatory Compliance/ Industry Best Practices Goals

Technology Component:

  • Hardware (servers, workstations, network devices)
  • Systems Software
  • Application Software
  • Computer Operations
  • Data Storage
  • Data Communication