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Control-Z I.T. Expands Services into Historic Indianapolis Building

January 23, 2012

Indiana-based I.T. company moves into historic Majestic Building, expands services in cloud computing, virtualization, and network security.

Indianapolis, Indiana, January 23, 2012.

With illustrious neighbors including the Indiana Pacers, The Indianapolis Business Journal, (IBJ) and the corporate headquarters of Steak ‘n’ Shake, the Majestic Building is one of the most esteemed pieces of real estate in all of Indianapolis. And now, the historic ten-story building has another reason to command respect. The Indiana institution has recently become the home to Control-Z, an Information Technology company that offers IT consulting and support services for small businesses and large corporations globally.

“We are excited about the opportunity to relocate our business to such a prominent and prestigious building,” comments Control-Z’s President and CEO, Walle Mafolasire. “The Majestic Building helps us be more visible for clients and prospective clients alike, but, more importantly, the building conveys a deep sense of professionalism and business acumen. Those are precisely the values we bring to our clients.” Indeed, Control-Z has, in its lifespan, accumulated high-profile clients such as Bloomington Hospital and the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.

The Majestic Building has a long history of business-friendliness. The facility was constructed in 1896 by the Indiana Gas Company, and has also headquartered the New York Central and Big Four Railroads. This environment is an ideal fit for Control-Z, which Mafolasire says “exists to help and serve business of all sizes, streamlining I.T. needs and minimizing administrative overhead.” From its new home on the 9th floor of the Majestic Building, Control-Z hopes to grow its client base through expanded services in data storage and management, cloud computing, virtualization, disaster recovery, network security and more.

Presently, Control-Z’s neighbors in the Majestic Building include Indianapolis institutions such Epic Hospitality, Mo’s Steak House, Alerding Castor LLP, and Keystone Construction, itself one of Control-Z’s clients.

According to Mafolasire, working alongside these other prominent, locally based businesses is a thrill. “The ultimate goal of Control-Z is to use our skills and resources to help other small business and corporate I.T. departments,” he muses. “The average small business does not have the budget necessary for access to round-the-clock I.T. services, and even larger corporations are zealous to clear their backlog of IT projects. At Control-Z we help small businesses get access to same enterprise-grade IT support and services that larger corporations enjoy at affordable rates and help large corporations execute IT projects without shifting the focus of internal IT departments from on-going, in-house responsibilities.”

The neighbors are equaled enthused about Control-Z’s presence. “We are delighted to have a local company of Control-Z’s stature and prestige entering our building,” comments Keystone Group President and CEO Ersal Ozdemir. “This is a company with meaningful ties to the local Indianapolis business world, and as such they are a valued addition to our community.”

With its move into this prestigious new corporate headquarters, Control-Z is poised to continue growing. Says Mafolasire, “We’re more visible than ever before, and also more accessible, so the hope is that more and more businesses will trust us to boost their business with the very best in I.T. consultation, implementation and support.”

Control-Z I.T. delivers best-in-class I.T. service and support to enhance productivity, reduce administrative overhead and increase share-holder value. As certified resellers and integration specialists for industry leaders, such as Cisco, Dell, Hitachi, HP, Microsoft and VMWare, the Control-Z team helps I.T. departments obtain the highest value on their purchases while providing solutions to complex integration projects.

 To learn more about Control-Z, visit them at their website, http://www.pushcontrolz.com